Haferd USA High-Tech Lubricating oil Inc. is located in Delaware, East America, and is dedicated to petroleum exploration, mining and refining as well as research and development and sales of petroleum additives.

As professional lubricant manufacturer and service provider, Haferd Petroleum Energy (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. and Haferd U.Power Lubricating Oil (GuangDong) Co. Ltd. are located in Dongguan City, called the worldwide famous city of manufacturing industry, and has been authorized and under the manufacturing supervision by Haferd USA High-Tech Petroleum Energy Source Group Ltd. Throughout many years of development, the marketing networks for HAFERD(R), U.POWER(R) and HAFERD U.POWER(R) brand lubricant owned by the two companies has been distributed in 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions around the country, to provide high quality and convenient products and services to all consumers.

America HAFERD U.POWER(R) brand lubricant products consist of automobile lubricant, industrial lubricant, motorcycle lubricant, lubricating grease, antifreezing solution, etc., a total of about 100 varieties. Besides, the Company can provide comprehensive and high-efficiency lubrication schemes for vehicles and equipment, and can develop customized special oil products required by the customer.

As for lubricant production, the Company owns the internationally leading pulse pneumatic blending equipment and auto-control filling line; as for product quality control, the Company has obtained the certifications of international quality management systems ISO 9001 and international environmental management system ISO 14001, UKAS, and strictly controls the product production as per the requirements of the quality systems to guarantee product quality; the Company formulates the product quality standard in strict accordance with the requirements of American Petroleum Institute (API) and American Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), and carries out internal corporate control over the products subject to national and industrial standards with the upper limit of the standard.

The Company has long been cooperating with foreign additive companies in scientific research, for the purpose of implementing product upgrading and research and development of new products, and has all the time kept its advantage of technological leadership and realized the internationally leading quality level. All of the Company's products are designed with the (ARG) dynamic factor transformation technology independently researched and developed by America HAFERD, and are uniquely featured by rapid film formation, small abrasion, low noise, sufficient dynamic force, rapid acceleration, fuel saving, etc. The products are at an internationally and domestically leading level in such technical fields as motor lubrication, dynamic improvement, etc., and have won the favor from a large number of vehicle owners.

In March 2012, Haferd Petroleum Energy (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. was honored with the title of "High-integrity Enterprise in China 3.15", and its HAFERD U.POWER? brand lubricant with the title of "Quality Trustworthy Product in National Conformity Assessment".

In regards to customer service, the Company sets the uniform nationwide free customer service hotline tied to the product anti-forgery enquiry platform, 400-6060-715, for the purpose of providing comprehensive high quality services to the customer; to safeguard consumers' interests, the Company's products are ensured with RMB 10 million yuan of product quality responsibility insurance by PICC.

With the rapid development of Chinese automobile industry and robust growth of automobile consumption, the markets behind the automobile will bound to be unprecedentedly prosperous. We will grasp the opportunities, constantly make self improvement and further promote the technical and service levels, in order to present the consumer with better products and services, and create the common good future!

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